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Update The ISTQB® 2021 Syllabus v3.1 supersedes all previous Syllabuses. Candidates wishing to obtain Advanced Test Analyst certification by exam should prepare using the 2021 syllabus v3.1 and associated supporting documentation.
Check that books, training courses and support materials conform to, or have been updated, as many have not.

Software Testing Advanced Test Analyst Complete Guide for ISTQB Exam (2021 Syllabus v3.1)
: C. Newbould – Design and Production – N. Powell,  Consultant Editor – E. Powell BA(Hons.) CTAL-TA, CTAL-TM
ISBN 978-0-9536056-3-7  June 2021 Paperback 308 pages
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Complete Guide for the ISTQB® Advanced Test Analyst CTAL-TA certification exam covering the 2021 Syllabus v3.1 (May 2021 release).

A guide book and reference for the Software Test Analyst when testing web, tablet-based and other platformed apps where efficient testing using advanced test techniques is required. Now updated to the 2021 ISTQB® Syllabus v3.1 with relevant supplementary content from previous exam guides and Syllabus v3.0 (formerly 2019 v1.1). The Complete Guide for ISTQB® Exam covers the full syllabus for Advanced Test Analyst CTAL-TA certification and more. All specified software test techniques and topics are explained in detail. This book is an essential guide to understand and learn advanced software test techniques to prepare for the Advanced Level exam. It can be used for familiarization and self-study before, or complementary to a formal training course. Certification to Advanced Level is a great addition to an individual’s resume that can lead to new career opportunities for the experienced software tester.

Learn software testing techniques beyond the concepts and understand how to choose and apply advanced techniques. The book presents over sixty-five worked examples, ten revision exercises and two practice exams each of forty original questions, together with answers and detailed explanations. The book has extensive coverage of all topics specified at the Advanced Level and how to analyse complex subject matter areas. The worked examples and exam questions adhere closely to the ISTQB® specified content, formats and essential Learning Objectives. Hints, tips and advice are given throughout to demonstrate how to best approach and solve questions efficiently by using the appropriate methodology.

The book shows you how to avoid potential difficulties while enabling regular checks on progress. Packed with practical advice, studying and referencing this book will increase confidence and build on your knowledge and understanding. The book is indispensable for those wishing to achieve certification at Advanced Level CTAL-TA following Foundation Level or simply to enhance competence and skills. It will boost proficiency in software testing skills, even if not intending to take the exam for some time. ISTQB® has created the world’s leading scheme for certification of software testers with qualifications recognised internationally.

The Complete Guide for ISTQB Exam has been added to the ASTQB list of approved books for study to Advanced Level CTAL-TA certification.

The book has significantly more worked examples, together with the revision exercises these cover topics across all areas of the Syllabus. Most of the supporting chapters have been updated for clarification, extended and new chapters added. The chapters on Decision Tables and Coverage have been extensively rewritten and/or revised in the light of Syllabus changes to OMG-DMN. Details of potential areas of difficulty are included as well as advice on where a small detail in an exam question could have significant influence over the answer. The two practice papers with answers and explanations and the revision exercises remain. Extra worked examples of Classic Decision Tables have been moved to an Appendix for reference and remain aligned to previous syllabuses.

The aim of the Complete Guide is to have everything needed for ISTQB Advanced Level exam preparation in one book with more extensive study topics and materials, rather than a book that requires extra information from multiple sources. The book can be used to support a self-study training programme, reference, as a supplement to a training course or a way to extend the skill set of a software tester to Advanced Level if exam certification is not yet planned.

Topics, Chapters and Sections
Revision exercises and answers
Two practice exam papers with answers and detailed explanations
Chapters on required knowledge, exam preparation, about the exam, booking the exam

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‘Advanced Test Analyst’ in Amazon books Author C. Newbould
Paperback: 308 pages  Publisher: AiFlex Publishing (11 June 2021)  Language: English
ISBN-10: 0953605637  ISBN-13: 978-0953605637  Dimensions: 19 x 1.8 x 23.5 cm

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Software Testing Advanced Test Analyst Guide for ISTQB Exam Paperback Syllabus v3.0 (2019 v1.1)
Author: C. Newbould – Published: July 2020

This book is designed to extend knowledge of software testing principles. It helps build knowledge and understanding to the required level for success in the ISTQB® Advanced Test Analyst exam based on the ISTQB® Syllabus 2019 v3.0 (formerly v1.1). The media release of the Syllabus was February 2020. Note this book does not contain elements of the v3.1 Syllabus that was released in March 2021.

The book can be used to supplement self-study for the exam, attendance at a training course or to refine testing skills. Two complete practice exam papers of original questions, together with answers and detailed explanations are included. The practice exams follow the specified ISTQB® exam structure, question formats and marking scheme. This book includes essential detail for Software Test Analysts on; Decision Tables, Pairwise Testing, Orthogonal Arrays, User Stories, Use Cases, Test Coverage, Usability, Glossary terms and where to find other useful resources.

The worked examples show how to apply these test techniques. There are hints, tips and advice throughout on how to use test techniques, prepare for the exam, organize study time, what to expect, how to approach the exam and practice. Using this book and working through the revision exercises, examples and practice questions will build on the Software Tester’s existing knowledge, boost skills and confidence.

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and Amazon USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and Australia
Paperback: 204 pages  Publisher: AiFlex Publishing (10 July 2020)  Language: English
ISBN-10: 0953605620  ISBN-13: 978-0953605620  Dimensions: 19 x 1.2 x 23.5 cm

Keywords: Software Testing, ISTQB, Advanced Test Analyst, Test Analyst, Preparation Guide, Practice Paper, Exam, Questions, ATA, Revision, Revisionary, Syllabus, 2019, 2020, Study Guide, Learning Objective, Knowledge Level, Advanced Level, Test Coverage, Decision Table, Pairwise Testing, Orthogonal Array, Taguchi table, Usability, User Story, Use Case, Course, Training, Courseware, Classroom.