ATA Guide 7-2020

Software Testing Advanced Test Analyst – Guide for ISTQB Exam

Software Testing Advanced Test Analyst – Guide for ISTQB Exam
Author C. Newbould, Editor N. Powell, Proofreading E. Powell
Published July 2020 AiFlex Publishing UK
ISBN 978-0-9536056-2-0 204 pages

P191 Taguchi Designs Table – row L18 2^1 x 3^7  Final column “Number of Rows” change 4* to 9*

P125 Answer to Question #14 of Exam Paper One (P100), b) is the correct answer. P118 Answer Grid Question #14 change a) to b) as the correct answer.

P98 Clarification. The question stem and options are:
Starting from display and testing each relevant guard condition, how many test cases are required for 100% minimum N+1 switch coverage?
a) 2   b) 3   c) 4   d) 5    The answer on page 124 is:

Paper 1 - Question #12 Answer

P174 Q16 Column indicates answer is ‘a’, text answer indicates the answer is ‘b’. The correct answer is ‘b’ and the column entry should be changed from ‘a’ to ‘b’.
The Answer Grid on page 166 Q16 should also be changed from ‘a’ to ‘b’.

P160 Option b) should be i, iii, v to avoid duplication with option d). It does not alter the correct answer.

P126 Question #16 page 101 was updated in the final editing by changing Internet Explorer to the more recent Microsoft Edge. However, this update was missed in the text option c)  explaining the answer on page 126.
The answer to the question is unchanged with the question’s options b) and e) on page 101 being untrue and therefore the answer required.  The explanation text for answer option c) page 126 should include – ‘a test case is required for MS Windows / Microsoft Edge / local screen /’
P126 Part of the answer should read, “d) is true. A test case for Android / Safari is (as specified in the question) not required and Safari / Local is covered (test case 2) but Android / Local would not be covered if this test case was omitted so it needs the amendment”.
Previously in this section of the answer, it was stated incorrectly as ” … Local is covered (test case 3) but …”