ATA Complete Guide v3.0 January 2021

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Software Testing Advanced Test Analyst Complete Guide for ISTQB Exam 2019 Syllabus v3.0 (previously 2019 v1.1)
: C. Newbould – Design and Production – N. Powell,  Consultant Editor – E. Powell CTAL-TA
ISBN 978-0-9536056-3-7  11 January 2021 Paperback 292 pages
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Note: Superseded by the updated book published June 2021 based on Syllabus v3.1. A Complete Guide for the ISTQB® Advanced Test Analyst CTAL-TA certification exam covering the complete 2019 Syllabus v3.0 (previously 2019 v1.1). All specified software test techniques and topics are explained.

Over sixty worked examples, ten revision exercises and two complete practice exams each of forty original questions, together with answers and detailed explanations are included. Learn software testing concepts and understand how to apply them. The ISTQB® certification program is the leading software tester program with qualifications recognised internationally.

This edition is superseded by the book published in June 2021 based on ISTQB Syllabus v3.1 (May 2021)
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Paperback: 292 pages  Publisher: AiFlex Publishing (11 January 2021)  Language: English
Original ISBN-10: 0953605637  ISBN-13: 978-0953605637  Dimensions: 19 x 1.2 x 23.5 cm

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